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Lucifer and The Watchers – Comments Welcome

As we are getting close to the end of this age, there are some of us waiting for the disclosure of extraterrestrials (fallen angels) to the public. Those of us that have studied Genesis 6 know that the same breeding program that was going on then is happening again […] Continue Reading…


The False Teachings of Arnold Murray – Serpent Seed

For someone that claims to study the Bible “chapter by chapter and verse by verse” he seems to skip a lot of verses during his studies. One of the most interesting, yet most ridiculous theories is that Cain was the seed of the serpent. He explains that the Tree […] Continue Reading…

The False Teachings of Arnold Murray – Satan’s Spirit

Lately I’ve been running across a lot of false teachings concerning all types of Biblical doctrine. Most of the time these teachings come from Arnold Murray’s group at Shepherd’s Chapel. There were a few statements made during the end of his show when viewer questions are answered. Normally I […] Continue Reading…

Supernatural Activity or Coincidence?

Last night on The Omega Hour, Bro. BJ and myself were speaking with Russ Dizdar about his new book “The Black Awakening” and the dark side of the supernatural. The night started off great, but about an hour or so into the show, my phone started acting strange and went silent. The screen showed that the call was still going, but I couldn’t hear a thing. About 30 – 45 seconds later the conversation kicked back in. Another 10 minutes goes by and the same thing happens. During this time I noticed that Bro. BJ’s phone was dropping and he kept calling back in. My phone dropped the conversation once more before the end of the show, but the call never dropped.

After the show was over, Bro. BJ called me to tell me he was having phone problems, which I could see on the switchboard. Here is where it gets even more strange. The first hour we talked about basic Christian stuff like church and how Mr. Dizdar got saved. The second hour is when we hit heavy into the supernatural and started discussing spiritual warfare. The conversation was very deep to say the least. We talked about Lucifer, demons, demonic political influence, CERN, and host of other things. “Coincidentally” (I don’t believe in coincidence) the show cuts off at about 1 hour 7 minutes, just before we started talking about the deep supernatural stuff. The entire time the control panel never showed any problems with the show. Everything was recording and broadcasting as normal, but when the conversion finished for the download, only half the show was there.

Fortunately we get to reschedule because we had so many more questions we wanted to ask Mr. Dizdar. Unfortunately everyone that didn’t listen live is going to miss out on that last hour of some of the greatest Christian radio in existence. Pray for us and the show when we reschedule.

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